Melissa Midwest Cam Show Last night

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For last night’s cam show my new friend Lindsay came over and well just look at the pictures need I say more! I let her be the boss and boy did she give it to me lol. You would never believe this was her first time doing anything like this but I have the pictures and video to prove it he he. Now on to a more sad note I was found guilty for my public nudity charge! The judge ruled that it was not fully opaque and that there were little parts you could see through when held up to the light. I guess the part that was forgotten was the fact that when it’s placed on something like a breast you can’t see through it at all. I am now going to warn all girls wearing white t-shirts with no bras be ready to get public nudity tickets whenever you walk out of the house. What am I saying moms out there too, I have seen plenty of moms at the grocery stores that I could see there whole nipple through there thin white T-shirts. If these shirts were held up to a light well lets just say it wouldn’t stop much light lol. The worse part with mine is I was in a bar with consenting adults only and I get a ticket. Well I guess it’s time to start the appeals process I guess they must want to drag this out for the next 2 years which is fine with me. I also can’t believe I lost, I mean the officer lied in under oath during my trial. I have since filed a complaint against him and hired a special attorney to look into that. If we are talking about breaking laws I think perjury by a Lincoln Police Officer is a lot worse then my breast being covered with the wrong material.

Read more of Melissa Midwest’s blog here. I’m sorry the pics aren’t ready yet, but you’ll be more than happy when they are up. You can get a preview of them here.

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