Jack Would Really Love This Jill

Our newest teen, Jill is a stunning beauty at the wonderful age of 18. Hailing from the good ole’ USA, Jill has one of those sexy toned fitness type bodies that you see layed out in your newest edition of Maxim magazine. What we liked about Jill so much is she doesn’t have that overly tanned look that makes her look too much like a model that’s trying to hard to impress, instead Jill uses her slimmed body, perky boobs and long legs to get your mind wondering. Her All-American sexy smile gives you the impression that she would never be the one to give you a big tease to make you wonder what’s under that silky red dress, well she does and she also teases you with her sex toy playful activities as well. Go-ahead Jill play with those toys, we won’t tell anyone you are indeed a naughty little teen.

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