Misty Anderson – All American Teen

Misty wanted to start her site because she loves being in front of the camera and her other reason is she would love to be in Playboy. Have you seen Misty Anderson’s latest pictures? I think she is Playboy material, and I’m sure you’ll agree. The crystal clear pictures of Misty are a huge plus for members because they pay special detail to the best feature on her, that would be all of her. She has a a great body that starts off with her very large chest, tight stomach and very sexy bubble butt. Guys aren’t the only ones who think so either, Penthouse Pet of the year Sunny Leone did a special picture set with Misty and you can tell these two really enjoyed every minute of it. You need to pay Misty Anderson a visit a day and as a special request plese be sure to check out her shower scene video, it just doesn’t get any hotter than that.

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