Had a long busy yesterday!lol

Hello there, well thought i would stop in since yesterday i wasnt home, well i didnt get home till 1 this morning and then got up early as hell , and the reason for this is because im shooting today with one of my friends, Misty Anderson ;) I cant wait to shoot with Misty. I have alot of good ideas for us to do and bought some cute little outfits.

So ya, yesterday i was busy shooting all day and goin out in the woods and what not having a good old time doing a nature shoot. I love being nude outdoors. .lol And then when i left there i went to a football game, which i had soooo much fun at. But the funny thing is i had one of my fans there;)

This guy approached me and asked… Are u Raven Riley? I was laughing and said, "Yep!" He was like "No way! Are u serious! i said yes. He was shocked to see me. But i dont know why, I’m just a normal girl. hehe but i had lots of fun, and well he ended up hanging out with me and my friends that went. It was funny. I really had fun being out with one of my members, u know.

Later on i went out to a club but we left early cause it was beat and then i came home and totally passed out! Now i feel like shit… i wonder why?:) Oh well hopefully the shoot today with Misty will help me feel better;) hehe So i guess im going to get off here and get ready since she will be here in like an hour! Wish me luck and cant wait for u to see my pics😉 kisses

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