Danyalicious – The Very Delicious Teen

Danyalicious the brunette teen cutie not only captures you with her sweet and innocent smile, but her curvy body will have you staring at this beautie for hours. When I first started clicking and searching around her website this afternoon I first went to look at her pictures to see what this cutie had to offer and what seperated her from other teen models. What I found out and was happily suprised was that Danyalicious pictures are what you want when looking at a teen site, they are as if you took your girlfriend home and starting taking pictures of her with your digital camera. The poses are very natural and don’t look to be set up meaning this girl is very relaxed behind the camera. My favortie so far would have to be the set called “Park Skirt” simply for the fact that if you ever saw a hot looking girl at the park in a skirt and wondered what was under that short skirt, well now you will now. Besides the hundreds of photos of Danyalicious you will also be pleased to know that you will find some very sexy high quality videos, want to know what she looks like taking a bath? You’ll find it here. Stop on and pay Danyalicious a visit today and browse her forum and talk to Danya and be sure to check out her store and pick up custom photos/videos as well as owning some sexy clothing that graced the hot body of Danyalicious.

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